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Forever Punk-Girl
January 31, 2005
Welcome Drink
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Current Obsession: Under Pressure- Queen
Topic: YAY!!No skool for a week
Well, this is my first entry so I dont really know what to type. I guess I should introduce myself, my name is Bond, James Bond. Just kidding,I'm not some middle-aged geezer who needs to stop hooking up with girls half his age everytime he needs to save the world. My alias is punk girl, as you might already have guessed. But, I am not what you might call "punk" so to say, I do listen to some punk music though. Actually I listen to just about everything, even Japanese Pop!! I am SOOOOO HAPPPY EXAMS ARE OVER AND I HAVE A WEEK OFF SKOOL!! I am gonna have to end it here for today cuz i have to go handle some busniess...

Posted by punk-girl1 at 11:40 AM EST
Updated: January 31, 2005 11:44 AM EST

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